Materials for Energy Production

Materials for Energy Production

Willumholdet 2013

The Research Team


Eva Bundgaard
Head of Section, Section for Organic Energy Materials
DTU Energy
+45 46 77 54 98

Materials for Energy Production

In January 2013 Dr. Eva Bundgaard received funding from Villum Foundation's Young Investigator Programme for the project "Materials for Energy Production". View

The main objective of the project is to develop and prepare new polymer materials for organic solar cells, which combines high efficiency, high stability, and the possibility for production in large scale - all in one material. This should result in competitive organic solar cells which on the long term can be used for energy production.

For more than 10 years the solar cell group at DTU Energy Conversion has done research in organic solar cells and the activities include development of production methods for organic solar cells in large scale, studies in solar cells stability and degradation mechanisms, and development of materials to achieve a higher performance, which is where this project will strengthen the group's activities.